Professional Engineering Services
Core Consultancy Services. Our core business as a Professional Consulting Engineers includes the following field of services:
Structural Engineering Design and Consultancy Services:
• High-rise structures for real estate properties: office, residential and commercial buildings
• Government office and institutional buildings
• Landed residential and commercial/retail properties.
• Industrial buildings: aircraft hangers, factories and warehouses.
• Marine Structures: Jetty, Wharf and Reclamation/Shoreline Treatment.
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering:
• Foundation Engineering design and construction
• ‘Deep Basement’ design and construction
• Seismic Engineering and Earthquake resistance structures
• Slope and ground stability analysis and design
Civil Works and Major Infrastructures:
• Roads, Highways and Bridges
• Stormwater Engineering and Drainage
• Main Water Supply Scheme
• Sewerage and Treatment Plant Expert Services
Other Services:
• Value Engineering Design Services
• Project Management Services
• Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services
Scope of Consultancy Services
Our detailed scope of design and consultancy services is best described as in the project implementation stages. Every project is special and the scope shall include but not necessarily limited to the followings:
(a) Concept & Preliminary Design
  1. Investigate all available data or information relating to the project and which are relevant to the works.
  2. Prepare tender documentation for soil investigation work including tender evaluation and periodic site supervision.
  3. Advise the Client on the necessity for detailed survey data, investigations or tests which may be required for the proper design and construction of the works and to arrange for these to be carried out on his behalf, and to consider and advise on the results of such special surveys, investigations or tests.
  4. Develop the design in collaboration with the Client, Architect, MEP Engineers, Quantity Surveyor, ID Designer, ICT and other team member.
(b) Working Drawing Stage
The following duties as and when necessary may be carried out:
  1. Prepare Client’s approved design, specifications and drawings necessary to enable the contractors to carry out the Contract.
  2. Prepare detailed design engineering calculations relating to the building work and submit to the municipal authorities for necessary building engineering plan approval.
  3. Where applicable, prepare the related infrastructure design and drawings for earthworks, roads and drains, water supply and sewerage works and to submit to the relevant utility services authorities.
(c) Tender Stage
  1. Develop detailed engineering design of the foundation system, basement and wall structures and super-structural design. Preparation of drawings with Specifications for tender documentation.
  2. Prepare standard and full engineering notes for all tender drawings.
  3. Advise relevant parts of the Conditions of Contract, Forms of Tender and invitations to tender, as may be necessary to enable the Works to be tendered for or otherwise instructed by the Client.
(d) Construction Stage
  1. Advise on the issuance of civil & structural stage completion certificates for interim payments to Contractor(s).
  2. Issue instructions to Contractors and making periodic visits and attend site meetings and resolving site problems as and when necessary.
  3. Assist in settling disputes or difference which may arise between the Client and Contractors.
  4. Qualified resident engineers; clerk-of-works and technicians shall be employed for full time standing supervision.
(e) Completion Stage
  1. Advise on completion certificate, extension of time and contract requirements.
  2. Prepare and submit engineering drawings and documentation to the relevant authority to obtain Certificate of Statutory Completion.
  3. Preparation of Handing Over procedures, defects List and Certificate of Making Good Defects.